About Me

Elspeth Waters BA (Hons) Dip NT ND CNM mBANT

Too many people are struggling with ill health right now... and most of them are unaware just how influential their food choices are when it comes to their symptoms and diagnoses.

After feeling safe, secure and connected, the most important decision you make for your health every day is what you eat and drink. Every time you eat something, it is either your best defence against the ills of the modern world... or the slowest form of poison. That might seem dramatic but it is completely true. We have so much "food" available to us but most of it is making us sick. I know this only too well. 

Having struggled with chronic ill health and found no solutions from mainstream medicine, both via the NHS and privately, I decided to take matters into my own hands and consulted various natural health practitioners. Little by little, I started to feel better but even though I thought I had cleaned up my diet a lot I still felt like the food I was eating was doing me more harm than good. I was also a walking ball of anxiety and it wasn't until I addressed the sources of stress in my life as well as my diet that I started to make real progress towards recovery and abundant health and happiness.

Studying nutrition and naturopathy helped me get back on track. However, it wasn't until I came across the work of Anthony William - aka the Medical Medium - in 2016 that I really understood my symptoms and my conditions. Once I knew what had caused my illness, it was like a huge weight was lifted instantly. As well as peace of mind, the Medical Medium books have also given me the tools to help myself and countless others move forward towards total healing of the mind, body and spirit.

Through years of research and practical application I have created a programme of treatment which draws from the work of mostly plant-based health advocates, including: Anthony William, Dr Michael Greger, Dr Neal Barnard, and learnings from "The Blue Zones" - observations of the healthiest people on the planet.

I have experience of working with clients of all ages and from all walks of life - from busy mums and workaholics to drug addicts and those too ill to leave the house. Although, I am happy to work with any health condition, I have a particular interest in gut health, stress and fatigue management, preconception and prenatal care, female hormonal dysfunctions and mental/emotional wellbeing.

As well as seeing private clients, I also offer personal or group diet & lifestyle coaching for corporations as well as talks on nutrition and naturopathy, 

Nutritional therapy is not like visiting your GP for a prescription. It takes time and commitment to make the kind of changes that facilitate real healing and transformation. That's why I choose to work with clients when they are ready to work in partnership with me to learn how to feel better than ever.

Elspeth x