About Me

Elspeth Waters BA (Hons) Dip NT ND CNM mBANT mAAMET

I have diplomas in nutritional therapy, naturopathy and journalism as well as a First Class honours degree in English Literature. I am passionate about health and words in equal measure! 

Having struggled with chronic ill health and found no solutions from mainstream medicine, both via the NHS and privately, I decided to take matters into my own hands and consulted various natural health practitioners. Little by little, I started to feel better but even though I thought I had cleaned up my diet a lot I still felt like the food I was eating was doing me more harm than good. I was also a walking ball of anxiety and it wasn't until I addressed the sources of stress in my life as well as my diet that I started to make real progress towards recovery and abundant health and happiness.

Studying clinical nutrition and naturopathy helped me put all the pieces together. Understanding why my body worked the way it did rather than how it should totally transformed the way I thought about health and illness and helped me discover how to get my body to work much more efficiently.

I have since qualified as an EFT practitioner, which seems, to me, to be the missing link in naturopathic therapies. I believe that understanding is the key to making profound and lasting changes in life. So, as a natural health practitioner, my role is to help you understand why your diet and lifestyle choices haven't been working for you and what changes you can make to feel truly vibrant again.

As well as seeing private clients, I also offer personal or group diet & lifestyle coaching for corporations as well as talks on nutrition and naturopathy, I am a lecturer at CNM Bristol and write about health and wellbeing.

I recently wrote some articles on healthy eating for The Good Food Channel, such as this one on How to Detox gently everyday.

Everyone deserves abundant health and happiness and I want to help you achieve it.


Elspeth x