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If you want to understand your health then the following books are an absolute must. There is so much confusion and conflicting advice when it comes to good health, but Anthony William - aka the Medical Medium - has access to the truth that has helped thousands of people worldwide to get back their health and wellbeing...



While there is no one-size-fits all when it comes to supplements, there are a few basics that everyone needs. It is vitally important to get good-quality versions of each supplement. That is to say, supplements which only contain the main ingredient desired, without fillers, binders, sugars, sweeteners, flavours, alcohol etc which negate the positive effect of the supplement. All the supplements that I recommend are of the highest quality and efficacy. Yes they might be a bit pricier than high-street options. But they actually work! So if you need to, it is better to take a little less of the good stuff rather than wasting your time and money and compromising your longterm health on cheaper equivalents.

Zinc - thanks to soil depletion, our food no longer contains adequate zinc to allow optimum health let alone to replete the lifetime zinc deficiencies most of us have been experiencing. Supplementing zinc is essential. Did you know that most debilitating chronic illnesses that people suffer from today could be avoided if we all had adequate zinc status? Why? Because most of these conditions are caused by the herpes family of viruses and having enough zinc prevents us from succumbing to one of these viruses. It also helps protect uis from the devastating effects of heavy metal toxicity by competing for the same receptor sites in the brain and nervous system. Zinc is vital for SO many essential processes in the body, from immunity and mental health to fertility and pregnancy. Anxiety, depression, addiction, MS, Cancer, Parkinson's Disease... zinc deficiency is a factor in all of these conditions.

1. Best option: Ionic Liquid Zinc Sulfate

2. Second-best option: Pure Encapsulations Zinc Picolinate capsules


Vitamin C - As well as being a good preventative and antidote to the common cold/flu, Vitamin C gives our whole system a boost. It is particularly helpful in combatting bacterial infections and essential for making energy inside every single cell in the body. Being one of our major antioxidants, it also helps slow down the effects of oxidation - aka 'ageing'! We all need more of it.

1. Best option: Liposomal Vitamin C (with no soya or flavourings, aromas etc) 


2. Second-best option: Ester-C Vitamin C (with no additives, flavours etc)




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