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Good Health Naturally is a supplement company with enormous integrity. They produce supplements free from synthetic fillers, binders and preservatives (which are the only kind I would ever recommend) and provide two of the supplements that I swear by every day Prescript-Assist broad spectrum probiotic & prebiotic, and Organic Minerals with Humic (an extremely bioavailable liquid mineral supplement with humic which boosts immunity and helps kickstart healing). Take a look at all the wonderful products they sell...



1. Prescript-Assist broad spectrum probiotic & prebiotic


Prescript-Assist is without doubt the best probiotic supplement I have come across. When most people think of taking probiotics, they reach for Lactobacillus acidophilus or bifidus. However, while these common strains may provide some benefit for some people, we all need significantly more strains than this. It is not just the number of viable species that counts but the variety of species. When we used to pick fruit and veg and eat it straightaway, we naturally ingested billions of bacteria of multiple strains every day. But, thanks to excessive hygiene and commercial horticulture practices we are not exposed to as many different probiotic species of bacteria and fungus and our health is so much the worse for it. Prescript-Assist contains 29 different strains of soil-based probiotic organisms as well as prebiotic humic and fulvic which provides a food source for the probiotics as soon as they reach your gut and get to work stabilising and boosting your friendly flora, in order to knock out any lingering pathogens. 

Prescript-Assist can help:

  • Maintain Healthy GI-Track MicroFloral Ecologies
  • Promote Normal Bowel Function
  • Support Gut Immune-System
  • Assist in Stabilizing the Gut Mucosal Barrier
  • Support Normal Absorption and Assimilation of Nutrients in the Gut
Its manufacturers spent more than five years in development and training and was the subject of a randomized, placebo controlled, double-blind clinical study (Clinical Therapeutics 2005; Vol 27, No. 6, Pgs.755-761). I use this probiotic supplement daily and urge you to try it for yourself and your family.    

You can also buy it here from Good Health NaturallyPrescript-Assist

2. Trace Minerals Research Mega-Mag liquid minerals 



1. For improving and restoring digestive health: 



2. For improving cardiovascular health - Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride dispels the common myths about cholesterol and illuminates the real cause of heart disease... 




3. For better health all round. Sally Fallon heads up the Weston A. Price Foundation which promotes REAL food as the primary route to abundant health based on Price's observations of the healthiest populations around the world in the 1930s. 



4. For optimal fertility and conceiving beautiful, healthy babies - Sally Fallon and Kristen Michaelis have both seen firsthand how changing your diet can not only radically improve your chances of conceiving but also change the future life and health of your unborn children. What you eat is never more important than when you are trying to conceive, pregnant and/or breastfeeding. What you eat changes the your children's genetic expressions. So do you want to know how to conceive children with beautifully straight teeth, perfect vision and balanced nervous systems? Thought so: read these books. 


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Disclosure: One day soon I hope to sell these things directly but for now I am an affiliate marketer so if you click through to have a look at anything and then buy anything at all on Amazon or Good Health Naturally I will get a small commission.