I want to thank you for helping me. If I hadn't come in to see you I would still have the awful arthritis pain in my hands, be a stone heavier and still be eating bread and being bloated. So thanks again for starting me off on my journey. I'm still sticking to your diet and I feel so much better. Thanks for everything. I can't tell you how much I appreciate your help and advice, it's changed my life! 
Rachel P, Events management, London

I have worked with many nutritionists over the years and have studied it in great detail too. What impressed me most about working with Elspeth was her outstanding knowledge, her scientific approach, her consideration of the latest findings in the field of nutrition and beyond, her ability to work within the constraints of budget and time of clients, and of course, that she practices what she preaches. I am so delighted with her expertise that I put most of it into practice straight away. 
Jeany L, Student, London

You are so caring and patient with your clients. I would definitely recommend your services to anyone. You helped me a lot and I am grateful, thank you. 
Noreen K, London

I found my consultation incredibly useful to get a better idea of how to achieve my goals which were to lose weight and improve my fitness. There are so many contradictory pieces of advice regarding nutrition in circulation but Elspeth/Nourishing Solutions helped me to get a clearer understanding of what can be a confusing subject with simple, straightforward advice and some handy literature to refer to afterwards. The best thing for me was that the advice provided was easy to absorb and equally easy to implement. 
Nathan S, IT consultant, London

I first met with Elspeth back in January 2013 in the hope she might be able to offer some ways to generally improve my wellbeing and in particular my feeling of constant tiredness. Elspeth was very easy to talk to and made me feel totally at ease discussing some pretty personal information. The numerous suggestions she made on how I could improve my wellbeing have been really effective and easy to incorporate into my everyday life, without spending a fortune to do so. It was a very interesting process to go through and really opened my eyes to how all the little things tie together and have an impact upon us and how we feel. I will definitely recommend Elspeth to any friends or colleagues looking for holistic advice on their health and and wish her every success. 
Caroline G, PA, London 

The consultation with Elspeth was incredibly helpful. I got more from our hour together than all of my GP appointments combined over the past decade. She collected a vast array of info about my health and lifestyle and was great via Skype, even examining the state of my complexion and tongue! Afterwards, with the data she gathered, Elspeth created a comprehensive yet easy plan for me to follow, complete with dietary, lifestyle and supplement recommendations that seem to be spot on (and she included explanations for everything). I feel suitably armed and ready to deal with the health issues that brought me to her in the first place.
Jessica T, Creative consultant, San Francisco